About Us

Benoits Salon is a luxury salon that has been serving the greater Syracuse community for almost three decades. As a proud, official Aveda affiliate, we understand the mind-body-spirit connection and the art that it takes to combine them into your style. We recognize the inner beauty of each individual, and by enhancing that beauty we help define the whole person. For years, Benoits Salon has provided these tailored services to our guests with a level of service, relaxation, and an unparalleled attention to detail.

Inspired by her grandmother Charlotte Benoit, Kim Pontello started her own Coiffure, or “House of Beauty.” With this inspiration, and partnering with the Aveda brand which she believes meets the same standards of quality that she professes to her staff, Kim formed Benoits Salon. Here at Benoits Salon, Kim and her staff strive to create a place where our guests feel pampered, rejuvenated, accepted, and most of all, valued.